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Not Released. Release date not fixed.
Lead Actor: Divya Dev, Anubhav Luitel
Lead Actress: Namrata Shrestha
Other Casts: Ravi Giri, Suvash Gajurel, Amber Subedi, Saroj Aryal, Prasuna Dongol, Alok Thami, Namita Tamang
Director: Amit Kishor Subedi & Bikash Dhakal
Category: Drama,Biography
Release Date:

Date not fixed.

Genre: Nepali


RUDANE:Bidroha Ko Nepali Naam is the biopic of Rupchandra Bista. Bista was the revolutionary philosopher, politician and an organic vocal of downtrodden mass of Nepal. In 1980’s Bista coined "Thaha" philosophy and transformed it into a movement of awakening the people. The name RUDANE, given by himself, derived from RU-Rup, DA-Daman, NE-Nepal. This film is dedicated to late Rupchandra Bista .

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